Cdl class A: endorsements are doubles and triples ,haz mat ,tanker and passenger

by Donavan Scott jr
(Paterson nj USA )

My name is Donavan Scott jr I am 30 years old and received a speeding ticket in the state Virginia that was considered reckless driving . I had no idea how this ticket would effect me until I received my cdl liscense and applied for jobs. I had no idea that this was a crime or misdemeanor I live in the state of New Jersey I had no intentions of going back to Virginia to attend court so I paid the ticket and forgot about it now its come back too haunt me!. I've never been involved in any accidents NO DUI's NO CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE USE no fatalities , injuries or damage to any vehicle has occurred at( any point in my driving history )before and while I've work for 2 ambulance companies or in my private vehicle on or off duty. I was rehired by my last driving job employer Empire Ambulance located in Paterson nj 183 grand st telephone number 973 832 4124 I was discharged due to the nature of my reckless driving ticket recommended by the companies insurance agency. I cried when I passed my cdl road test all I know is driving I thought I was on my way to seeing the deserts , mountains and wide open fields In my country If I'd have known then what I knew now I would have slowed down ! I know this is page is for employers looking to give a guy a second chance I'm just hoping someone sees this employee is willing too take chances just to be a trucker . Please!!!!call me !!!!anytime at 973 650 4667 or 973 278 3045

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