CDL Class A driver in search of a Job

Hello. id like to keep my name discreet until someone is interested in hiring me. I live in Metro Detroit area and Im 25 years of age at the moment. Ive had my CDL since 2011. But and I officially started trucking for Swift in November of 2014. Unfortunately i departed 3 months later in February, 2015. My trainer was an owner operator and decided to use me to make a false claim on his truck saying i was in an accident 3 times. Swift let me go after the insurance claim filed. However there was no proof of damage, nor was it ever on a police report or my MVR. I moved on to work for Werner in April, 2015. i did OTR in all 48 states up until December 10th. All together i have just about a year of experience and consider myself a pretty well driver. But with youth, comes stupid decisions. On December 10th, i was arrested for operating vehicle under the influence. An officer stumbled across me, while I was taking extra safety procedures. I was in Ohio when i heard an unlikely noise and pulled over on the side of the road to inspect the vehicle when an officer pulled over and smelled marijuana. i was not high but was over the legal limits. Im currently serving a 6 month suspension and will receive my CDL back on June 10th. Ive taken intervention programs since then and ive been clean ever since with no intentions to ever screw my career up again. i had to learn the hard way, but the fact is that i have learned my lesson. Most companies wont take a risk with someone of this record so im in hope of a owner operator willing to give someone a second chance. i understand that insurance may be a little bit higher of a price on someone like me and im willing to take a pay cut to compensate the cost. I am a stand up guy willing to work for someone who can give me a second chance. if you are interested i encourage you to please email me at

Ive driven 8 speed KW's. Volvo, Freightliner, and my favorite, PB's.

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