cdl a 13 mts exp. have not driven 5 yrs

by steve
(lexington ky)

need experience. going to buy a truck of my own e-mail

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Oct 06, 2010
Better Read First
by: American Trucker

First, Make sure you have enough money, actual cash in the bank. NOT credit cards to cover ALL your expenses including the truck/trailer payments, repairs, maintenance, insurance, fuel and all the expenses at home for 3-6 months, including health insurance unless you wife/ husband has a job that you are covered under. If you don’t have this money in place then stop because you are not going to succeed.
Note: I highly recommend becoming incorporated to protect your assets in case of an accident insurance has its limits and once that’s gone they look at the owner to pay anything above that. An S corp. or LLC are my choices there. The states of DE or NV are my choices because they have the best laws to protect companies. This cost about $500.00 depending on who does it. I had a firm do ours that is also an attorney; they also act as our agent.

So in summation here’s how it works
Get your DOT number, free, get the insurance lined up between $9,000-12,000.00 and paid, get your MC number $300.00 this takes from a week to a month depending on how busy they are and how you do it. Get your single state registration. Pay the property tax in your county, and then pay the IRS form 2290 tax, $550.00 at the IRS. Get your EIN from the IRS. Go to your IRP/IFTA office, set up both the IFC and IRP account, and pay for the tag between $1200.00 and 2,000.00 depending on the states you will operate in. Contact the states in the links below to see what you need to do with each one and pay their fees.
I’m sure I missed some things but this is the best that I can do.

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