cb for my camper from a retired trucker

by john

just want a cheep cb for my camper that gets out well

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Apr 01, 2013
phone num is 4193604872 call me,,,, NEW
by: jami

yes ,,i have a cobra 25 ive modde,,,it ,,swing 2 1/12 watts dk too 31 swingin mogee ,,watts peak and turbo, echo ,,too that but ,,ill make 21 miles north to la plasinse rd, , onmy base in toledo ohio,and mich, shorland pontright on the border by lake erie ,, ,,,with an andron bolted to my roof tip ,, i just hope no one burns there tapedeck out on fisrt key up if i ever decide 2 let her go ,,,lol ,, sincrly
,,,the 210mudduck ,,

Aug 20, 2012
ebay NEW
by: Anonymous

try ebay

Aug 19, 2012
Well.... NEW
by: NickV

Cheap CB and gets out well usually arent found in the same sentence. Your gonna have to spend some money if you want a quality set up and really the get out well part is mostly due to antenna set up. Little word of advice if your going to want range you will more than likely need 2 antenna's like on a rig. I have heard that putting 2 antenna's on your normal size vehicle and not having the distance between like a rig does from side to side that the antenna's will actually cancel themselves out. So, if you do mount antenna's make sure to have them as far away from each other as possible. As far as CB's you can look on the internet for a local CB shop, you would be surprised at where you can find these places, some you have probably passed by a hundred times and never even knew they were there. At the shop sometimes the "mechanic" will have rebuilt cb's he just piddles around with at a fair price. Other than that you can find them at truck stops or radio shack if you have one around. CB shop will be your best bet and the guys that run those places can tell you everything you need to know about the set up your looking for. Hope this helps

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