Casting Calls For The Trucking Industry

There is a lot to the trucking lifestyle that people don't know about. 

This is an opportunity to educate, inform and entertain the public at the same time.

Many people are aware of the negative parts of the trucking lifestyle but there are also a lot of excitement, adventure, humor and positive elements that needs to be made known and understood.

People have a narrow image in their minds of who drivers are.  Most either use old trucking movies or the slimbag driver a girlfriend is married to. 

Many people feel that drivers don't do anything but hold the steering wheel and that they couldn't do anything else but that, or else they would be doing it.

It's more work than they know.  You drivers come from many backgrounds.  You began driving for many reasons.  Many of you have other talents and skills.

People don't realize that there are over 3 million drivers most of which don't fit the stereotype.

They don't know the family stress and struggle or the sacrifice and how it results in everyday people being able to have the things they want in their lives from food on the table to the cars they drive, to the house that they live in.

Truckers, wives and their families are heroes and it is time to let the world know.  It's your time to shine. 

Find a casting call that fits your personality and situation below.

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The trucking industry is full of adventure and interesting people. The dynamics of the lifestyle makes for stories that people on the outside will never know.

Now it's time to let them in to the adventure and you can be a part of the experience. Below are casting calls for truckers, trucker wives, trucking teams and more.

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Owner Operators For TV Show 
Cornwell Casting is searching for TRUCKERS & TRUCKER COUPLES (MAN/ WOMAN), THAT TRANSPORT/SHIP ITEMS ACROSS THE COUNTRY for an exciting documentary TV …

I've owned my own truck for 25 years & have had my own small company for 16 years Not rated yet
I am 47 years old and love truckin'. I Run a 1983 Cabover Kenworth Coast to Coast & I have 3 other Drivers. I have taken my truck to several truck shows …

Experienced Atlanta Ga trucker and company owner ready for showtime Not rated yet
I am a 60 yrs old truck driver with over 40 yrs on the road. I love to be on any show that will allow me to display my driving skills. I am a excellent …

Trucking Couples Over The Road Needed For Documentary Not rated yet
Trucking couples who are out on the road working together to get the job done are wanted for a new documentary. One driver and one rider is fine. Couples …

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