Carol Cox

by Carol Cox
(Loco, Oklahoma )

I'm 59 just married my SOULMATE in March. HE IS A truck driver. I'm lucky to see him one or two days a week.

We are so very happily married but his job keeps him away so much. I am JEALOUS because the outside world sees him more than I do.

We talk for hours at a time on the phone. But I hate his job. I hate him being gone. I don't worry about him cheating as,we have a GPS app of each OTHER on our phones and he is to busy and to tired to cheat I believe.

Plus he has told me his vows mean the world to him with me as his bride. I just moved to his hometown after we married. I left my 81 year old mom,my 3 grown kids and My 5 year old grandson.

Here I have no family or friends. We live 20 miles from town. It SUCKS!!!! I Spend alot of time crying and have become depressed. We don't do FACEBOOK due to people out there who don't care IF your married they still hit on you.

So I only have my family out of state to talk to on the phone. If it wasn't for our two dogs keeping me company I would go insane.

Any tips or gals out there to visit with would be GREAT.

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