carlisle pa. bill bertrand

by bill bertrand
(carlisle pa)

i'm a retired roadway line haul driver, recently i had heart by pass last oct. 2015 went thru cardio rehab am now stronger had to pass trendmill test to get back driving localely which i passed with flying colors.

went back to driving part time i found out in and out of cab with heat and humidity found out it was a little troubling to breathe i tried it for a couple ofwks. was not able to keep going while driving with a/c running i was ok, so ifi could find driving to florida and back onceamonth with decendant pay and not get screwed out of pay.

i would honestly give the guy a shot, also it would have to be no touch freight or load sinceim almost 71 yrs.of age i experience driving is 46 yrs. no chargable accidents.

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