Can't find an answer about abandonment

by Tim Weeks

I did not find the answer to my question, who will hire me when C.R.England said I abandoned their truck even though after I delivered it to the Mira Loma yard they said they wanted it at the Salt lake City yard.

This was around 2008. I got out of OTR worked locally for a couple of companies and now I cannot get a job as a driver again. ??

I noticed that many people on the DAC tab have the same questions but nobody seems to know, or doesn't want to take the time to respond.

Is there any companies that do not look at the DAC report? How do you get back into driving if you have been away for a while?

Will these companies treat you right or will they treat you like cattle as C.R.England did? The answers to these questions would make this site valuable!

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Jan 07, 2017
abandonment NEW
by: Anonymous

threaten to sue them..i had the same problem with knight

Nov 28, 2014
are you looking a job???? NEW
by: Anonymous

Windstar company is seeking professionals drivers to work within Utah and east coast, the company has new equipment and offer good wages. If you are interesting you can call 801-9963702 or write to or
also you can send your profile through our web side

Dec 30, 2013
keep trying
by: Anonymous

keep applying for truck driver jobs until you get hired.... dont stop and then you will have your answer when someone finally hires you...good luck

Dec 29, 2013
by: Hervy

Tim to get an idea of what you are facing, put yourself in the shoes of the employer that you had and the ones that you are trying to get to hire you.

You are supposed to take the truck to where they say, as far as I know from experience. However, I don't know if a lawyer can help you out or not. I don't know the legality, I just know that drivers get blackballed for that all of the time.

I warn new drivers of that. If you do a search of abandonment, you will see a lot of stories, questions and our responses regarding abandonment.

As far as a trucking company not checking the DAC, it used to be that some smaller and midsized companies would hire without checking.

If you REALLY think about it... will likely be a shabby company that doesn't check these days, unless they know you or know of you and your story for some reason.

That being said, you never know when you will end up talking to someone that actually listens your story and sympathizes with it regardless of the abandonment incident.

(depending on what the story is!)

So I wouldn't necessarily give up on trying to get a trucking job. At the same time, I wouldn't only look for trucking jobs and nothing else. It might take a while to run across the right person at a trucking company that will give you a shot.

Only you know the details of the incident. The uglier the details are, the harder it will be for an employer to consider hiring you.

Best of luck man.
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