Can't find a company to hire me.

by Melissa
(San Antonio, Tx)

Well in a nut shell.... I MARRIED AN IDIOT!!!!!

Going thru my divorce my X thought he would try and get back at me because he got caught cheating... So he ended up having to pay spousal support till the divorce was final.

He had gotten behind on the payments A whole $8700 behind (nothing big like it is now $43339.50) So he was going to Afghanistan and the military wouldn't let him go until he paid the back support.

He wires the money into my account, then calls and complains how he doesn't have any money now to buy his gear he needs.. STUPID me fell for the BS and I went out and bought the gear for him which was about $2500 worth.

The following day he reversed the wire transfer for the support... Of course I had no idea and the check bounces. Well the military didn't care what was going on, they sent it to the US District court since it was on a federal installation.

The judge got ahold of the case and said it was some bogus BS that the military would reprimand the spouse for it and not the military member and tried to see if they would just drop the case.... OF COURSE OUR GOOD OLE GOV wouldn't..
So thanks to the nice judge, he only gave me a years probation and no jail time.

So now I'm having a hard time finding a company who will hire me because of this felony that is almost a year old.... I'm NOT going to give up, this has been my dream my whole life and before my dad passed away (who was a trucker), I promised him I would follow in his footsteps...

So if anyone can tell me companies who will take me, I would really appreciate it. I've searched all over the internet and I haven't found anything.... Maybe I'm just missing it..

PLEASE HELP.. BTW... I live in TEXAS and could be going back to PA, since I know companies only hire for certain hiring areas and states.
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Jul 11, 2012
Expungement can help NEW
by: Anonymous

If this is your first and only felony it is that much easier to have it expunged from your record for hiring purposes. You can petition the court that convicted you even if the judge refused to hear your side of the story as the truth, you still have the chance to eliminate it and from companies knowing you were ever convicted of the felony and you will be able to check the box "NO" that states on applications "Have you ever been convicted of a felony.

Driving Independent can also relieve you of the fear of being asked this question but usually you need to know someone who can refer you, and you will have to take care of your own taxes.

Finding an owner operator to team with might be an option? At least until you get more time under your belt in driving experience.

Jul 10, 2012
Keep trying NEW
by: NickV

Hey Melissa sorry to hear about the bad luck. What you may want to do is go to the local truck stop and just sit and write down trucking companies and come home and fill out apps online. You will more than likely need to go for a larger carrier being fresh out of school. I live in S.A. to so if you dont know where the truck stops are they are at I-10 and the ackerman exit in kirby. There you will find a Petro and Pilot. One exit to the east you will find a T/A and Flying J on Foster Rd and I-10. I got my start with CRST which from what I heard is pretty lienient. I dont have the best record in the world either and it actually took me about 9 months after graduating from road masters here on ww white that I actually got a job. I came on here, asked alot of questions, took a lot of advice and Hervy told me to go sit at a truck stop and write down truck companies. I came home and probably filled out 60 applications. CRST was my ticket, maybe they will work for you. Your charge is pretty fresh so make sure you stay wherever you go first. The cards are stacked against you from the get go so get as much experience as you can with your first company. If you need any more questions answered either I or someone else will be willing to help. Good Luck to you and I hope you find a company soon. As far as the problem with the ex I think I would just leave that be. Sounds a little odd he needed gear but uncle sam buys everything as far as gear goes for the military. Im not to hip on what the military does so I could be wrong but from what ive heard from plenty of people is they tell you what to wear and how to wear it so buying "gear" may be some bs. Anyway, hope it works out

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