Can I handle it?


I am 48 and in love with a trucker. we have been on and off for three years. He recently took a job were hes only home 3 days a month.

He has a six and twelve year old from a previous marriage. Our time togeather is shared with them. They are his priority which they should be.

Has anyone been through this. I want some time with him alone. I dont think it can happen, therefore i ended the relationship. This is not what i want. I cant seem to be happy either way.

I just know i love him.

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Jul 27, 2012
You sound a bit confused? NEW
by: Anonymous

So before you can benefit from any relationship you must be grounded and what I am picking up from your post is that you seem confused. You cannot then benefit from this relationship. So maybe you have made a wise decision in breaking up with him. Best for the both of you. Ask yourself, do you want to play ping pong or do you want a real relationship?

Breaking up and getting back together can and will put a strain on you and him and after all he must drive out there, do you want him to have added stress while he is on the road? I think by now at your age you must be wiser than your post indicates. So put on your big girl panties and move on, his kids will always be his top priority and they are very young right now and can you really handle not being number one or two, three, or four?

1. Children
2. Job
3. Bills
4. Shelter
5. Food
6. then maybe you?

Keeping it real!

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