Can I get a open container charge removed for my driving record?

I was on leave from a deployment2009FEB and I went through a road block and I had an open container in the vehichle, I was not dui.

The officer game me a ticket and said that it wasnt going to be on my records, as i didnt have time to go to court but i was returning back to duty the next day.

Anyway I paid my fine and Ihave this charge wich is keeping me from getting a job and its about the only thing I will be able to do once i get off this deployment?

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Aug 03, 2011
Open container

My hubby just went through the same thing. He was just a passenger in the car, no drinking involved, did not know that the old beer can was even in the car and the cop gave them both a ticket, as a result he lost his job. Until you are convicted they can not saw a thing. We found a lawyer for $100 Some want as munch as %5000!! Good luck!!

Aug 02, 2011
by: NickV

If you have a lawyer talk to him about a process known as expungment. If you don't have a lawyer talk to friends and family about maybe one of their lawyers. You don't want any joe schmoe taking care of this. Your gonna have to pay. I've heard of it costing around the 500 dollar range but if its what you gotta do then... Well hope the best for you and thank you for your time serving our country, you are greatly appreciated

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