by Cameron

Right now i'm a Senior in high school. Here lately I have had a big interest in being a truck driver. Something about having my own truck and traveling the United States sounds fun to me. When I graduate from high school I plan on going and getting an associates degree in business. Since companies won't hire people that are younger than 21, I might as well do something. Anyways my plans are to work for either Schneider or Swift. Right now Schneider is leading the pack. My dad worked for Schneider and he seemed to like it, plus I heared the training is really good. If anybody can give me some advice on which one to choose please tell me! The cool part is that if I become a truck driver I would be one of many drivers in the family, 0there's way too many to name.

The one thing that I'm looking forward too is the CDL drivers test! Yes I know this sounds weird, but my dad failed his first CDL test when he was going through schneider. They took him onto the highway and when he turned onto the on ramp his trailer went over the curb, it was a tight one!! I just can't wait till I can rub it in his face that I passed the first time, hopefully!!

I really want to drive and also own some busineses, like some franchises and other stuff. The one thing that I am worried about is that i'll be in my twenties and that is usually when people are starting a family and I don't know how to drive and also have a social side.

My dad did a dedicated acount at
schneider where he was home every night, but I think that would be too boring. I'm looking for a trucking job where for example i'll be in North Carolina and I get dispatched to Colorado. But thats all for now, if any one can give me some advice please contact me!

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Mar 18, 2015
Hey Man NEW
by: Deee

Hey man, new to this site. was just curious to see if you became the driver you wanted to be!

Jun 17, 2010
TV News Show looking for teens who want to be truckers
by: Carolyn Libby

I am a producer with educational television program, Channel One News, and we are doing a story about teens who want to work in growth industries, one of which is trucking and warehousing.
Since our audience is made up of teenagers we would like to find a teen who wants to work in trucking. We would arrange for you to accompany a trucker for a day and film your experience and interview before and afterwards about what you thought about it. If you are under 18 we would need your parent's permission.
If you are interested please give me a call at 212-975-3590 or email me at and put trucker teen in the subject line. This isn't giving you a job it would be giving you first hand exposure to the profession. Thanks!
Carolyn Libby

Jun 11, 2009
Cameron from Ky.
by: Jimmy

Like Hervy sez, you got your act together. I love Lexington, all those horse ranches and greenery. You have a good plan, stick with it. Education is a good thing. Over the years I've noticed that people that have dad/grampa in the biz, seem to be naturals in the biz.

Keep your record clean (arrest,dmv) and gather info on trucking. Visit often....Jimmy

Jun 11, 2009
Just what the trucking industry needs
by: Hervy

Cameron you seem to be a bright young man, just what the trucking industry needs. Getting that education on the business side is an excellent investment for your career and early retirement.

Also see if the school has a transportation logistics course since you want to be an owner operator. The more you know about transportation the easier it will be for you to be a successful owner operator. Brokerage training will also be a plus if it's available.

I have a strange feeling you won't be taking that truck driving test more than once, don't rub it in on your Dad too hard! :-)

I have heard good things about Schneider but make sure you call other companies too. Try some of the ones on the driver recommended companies too.

Also get your Dad to bring yo some of those trucking magazines from the truck stop they will have a lot of companies in there that has dedicated routes or travel certain lanes. If you anywhere near Louisville or Lexington your probably in a pretty good area.

Getting the right dedicated route may be tricky, especially as a new driver but not necessarily impossible.

You'll be in great company going to school to have a social life with like minded people who have plans and goals.

If you are referring to more of a relationship type of deal consider this...

Since you are focused and have a plan you should be careful about who you get involved with so that she doesn't sidetrack you.

(Take a look around at what girls your age are interested in. Most want a baller and expect you to spend all types of money on them. It is a difficult balance to deal with all that and also save money for investment to reach your goals -buying the truck- and excel at your studies. Especially if your going to get a job while going to school. Make sure you find a young lady who had good parents and is not being primarily influenced and guided by radio and TV if you do get involved in a relationship.

If you start off focused and goal oriented you can actually be 25 and kick back so that you can spend more time being a family man and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.

Using trucking to create wealth

Having said that by no means am I saying it's impossible just a little tricky and it might prolong the time for you to actually get to where you want to be because you will be splitting time, money, focus, etc.

Of course thinking about it now gives you insight to be proactive in avoiding falling in that trap so you are now in a better position even if you do go forward with a relationship or what ever.

Well, that enough rambling on for me.

Hope it helped, got to go to work.

Welcome aboard

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