Bull hauling is a true outlaw job

by J w
(Missouri )

Most of what you said is true. There is a lot of pressure on a driver. There's a big difference from hauling freight that doesn't move..

Most drivers have to learn how to drive all over again. Although the driving part is not the issue people have. It's the loading and unloading is where the work starts..

Think about this, say your a cow that was loaded up at a farm and pushed threw a auction then stuck in a pen of other strange cows. Then some guy comes along late at night and is trying to put you in a trailer.. Would you be happy??

There's only one way in and one way out of the trailer and the cows don't shut the gates for ya. There is no school, it's learn as ya go if you have the guts..

We hardly stop when there's a load on and yes most of what we do you will need to be good with a loose leaf log.. The money is good for what we do. There's one quote we live by and that's "Fear is not an option". It's not a job for just for anyone it takes heart and guts to do this for along period of time..

It will make you feel old quick. Every bull hauler will tell ya it's not when are you going to get hurt but how bad will it be.. I hope I have shed a little more light on the job for ya.

Just remember when you see us in the left lane move to the right cuz we have places to be...

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Jan 01, 2023
Bull hauling NEW
by: Jarhead

This job is definitely not for everyone. I'm a Marine and it rocked my world. Funnest and funniest crap you'll Ever see but cattle WILL HURT YOU and bad!! If you ain't on your game and better be comfy running 95 mph for 20 straight hors.

Jul 06, 2020
dump trucker NEW
by: craig

keep your gratitude higher than your expectations

May 30, 2013
its not the same anymore NEW
by: Anonymous

pi started hauling cattle in the early 80'sbasically lived in my truck and tell 1996and it's just not the same as it used to be back then we had a lot of fun I think you need a little outlaw in yet to do a good job

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