by Karen
(San bernardino, Ca.)

I've been out here 5 years. I decided to become a driver for the challenge to make it in a mans world and I did it. 75% of the male drivers truly respect and welcome us.

The other 25% absolutely despise us and treat us like we are just a piece of meat on wheels.

The CB radio? I have had my share of immature drivers going off on me when i simply was asking for a radio check. Within seconds mature drivers immediately put them in check.

There is a lot of smut talk on the radio. It doesn't offend me. You just ignore it cause there is nothing we can do to stop. Getting upset about it and arguing back is all they want.

Are female drivers treated differently?

Sometimes but in good ways. I have seen female drivers having troubles parking and male drivers will be out of their trucks to help faster then they do for male drivers.

At shippers and receivers, I have been approached quite a few times by dock workers saying "Wow, you're a driver, that's really cool". I just smile and proudly say "Thank you".

We're all out here doing the same thing, living the lifestyle, risking our lives, missing our families and driving our lives away. Male or female ... Does it really matter?

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Feb 22, 2013
leverage tools for lady truckiers NEW
by: One of the good guys

Ck out the Tandem pin puller called the Persuader

Best regards

Aug 04, 2012
Hi Blondtrucker NEW
by: Anonymous

I went for ride along with my trucker guy, clear across the states Cali to Georgia. I had a great time and stopped off at some nice places where the people were Kind and seemingly happy.

Well, one night while he was still driving and I was sleeping I over heard all this crazy talk going on....on the CB?? WOW!! I didn't want to intrude so I stayed quiet until the next day.

I was curious about this type of talk so I had to ask. My guy explained to me that the road can become to quiet and boring at times especially going through the long states, he said that when the guys start talking like this to get on each others nerves this actually keeps them alert on on their toes, its a sort of game and it is common for the men to do this!

Hey its okay to want to be in a mans world but there are just some things we women need to stay out of you wouldn't want them interfering in our beauty salon conversations right???? lol

Ignore the idiots and they are not just in the truck driving field, I encounter ungentlemanly ways every single day in my day to day life and I am not even in a so called man's field!! This happens when going to the store, market, auto zone, or wherever and I have to ignore the behavior because I know its not me that causes it its their own B--- S--- and they have to deal with themselves. Bottom line.

Keep On Trucking Lady and screw the idiots!!
God Bless You! :)

Aug 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

I don't see anything wrong with a woman driving a semi truck for a living, if that's the line of work she wants to be in. As far as some male drivers go, there's good and bad manors in every line of work. Some men have no respect for females for whatever reason, and the same goes for women as well. Truckers have a reputation of being cheaters, because so many of them have been guilty of that. It's probably the cheaters who are making the nasty remarks. Hang in there!

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