Big Nel's Girl

by chella
(Derry NH)

Well, I've been the wife of an OTR Trucker (to be more specific a bed bugger) for 20 years. OMG! Did I really just say 20 years! YES I did.

I have two beautiful boys, 19 and 9....and yes my husband being gone all the time did have to do with space between the boys.

I am a stay at home mom now, but for many years I worked out of the home, alone and cursing the day I met my husband! Missed birthdays, holidays, outings and anniversaries. Not to mention cars breaking down, plumbing issues and a myriad of other stuff (that I cheerily reminded my husband was "MAN" stuff ... so get the hell home and fix it!)

We live on the east coast...New Hampshire, but we also have lived out in the Midwest.

Thank God for mainstreaming cell phones and video chat on the computers.

I clearly remember the days of paid calling cards and waiting for him to call me when he could....Over the years definitely feel more in touch now that we can text throughout the day and we can reach him throughout the day.

Skyping keeps us closer cause we can actually see each other at our best and worst versus just that voice on the phone.

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