Been unemployed to long due to background issues

I dont think trucking driving is for me but i am a felon and i do need a job in Dallas,TX Ive been struggling with unemployment since 1998 been off probation since 2003 every job have applied for has never asked me for a return interview.

The one job that did called me back in to say i was a good pick for the job but due to my criminal background issues i wasn't employable by their company.

i need help my whole family is felons i need a change for my kids their of age and i need to not only tell them i need to show them that work is good and not to break the law and get tagged as a felon like the rest of our family. Its sad but yeah its true its like continued crime is the only way for a persons with felonies to try to make it.

Its set up for offenders to fail and return to jail. The government will pay to house felons in jail but they wont help to employ a felon. I have 3 kids and now 2 grandkids no job no income.

I feel as though i'm about to die i'm able to work and i want to work to make a honest living but i cant get employed.

The USA helps every country but it doesn't do jack for felons. These agencies dont help TWC has a program but u have to be on parole project rio its has never helped me cause i've never been on parole.

What i must commit a bigger crime to get employed i dont think so but this is the message i get from these TX agencies that is suppose to assist people with convictions. I think i could be a good recruiter if there were companies willing to give 2nd chances.

Not even Obama talks about helping felons and yes i voted. i often tell friends who complain more than i do that they should get out and vote but honestly i've never seen or heard of a candidate saying they are willing to assist felons.

I hope i get a reply this is important to me i need a job and i will re-locate me and my family for a better quality of live. Thanks 4 being so understanding u may contact me @

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