Been together 4 years and he just started trucking...

by T. Moore
(Warren County PA)

I'm really lonely now, its just me and my 2 year old boy. (my fiancé is 23 and I'm 26) I find myself always bored and not sure of what to do to pass the time anymore.

How can I be a good support to him while hes gone? cuz I know it has to suck and he needs good motivation to keep going and making money. I'm the ones who's budgeting and I'm doing really well. He gets almost twice the budget for food and things because I understand things are more expensive on the road.

I have kept the house immaculate and I have literally run out of things to clean. (hes been gone a few weeks training.) we don't have any extra money for spending on a hobby cuz its tight right now being winter and the gas bill is high!

Computer and playing games gets boring and there's only so much I can do with my child in a day haha ^_^ ... When he first left I couldn't even sleep cuz we are so dependent on one another... gotten past that now but I'm still lonely like I said.

I don't really have too many people to talk to and when I'm around others right now I get over emotional... by myself I seem to be much stronger.... but, when he comes home he will be driving out for about a week then home for about a day day and a half...

if anyone else has a similar situation to mine that they have been in longer and can tell me how it gets better... or how you dealt with things or what hobbies you took up etcetera...

I'm artsy and I love playing games but x box only really kills like 2 hrs of my day before I feel like crap from sitting too long! I sound kinda derrr in this haha its cuz its late and I get up early with my son so I apologize!

Hope someone can tell me that what I'm feeling is normal cuz I feel like a big freaking baby right now... I'm normally an emotional person but I have only teared up a few times within the almost 3 weeks he has been gone...

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Feb 12, 2016
New truckers gf NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, I came across your post whole looking for help for myself since my bf and father of my almost 2 year old daughter left for training to work over the road... I feel the same as you and I'm looking for ways to cope with the loneliness... have you figured anything out since your post? Has it gotten any easier??

Jan 21, 2016
A Lot To Work With
by: Hervy

Wow, you have a lot going for you. Yes you feel normal compared to a lot of other trucker wives comment. However, you also seem to have spare time and ambition and even interests which not all Trucker wives have in abundance. Additionally you have a good amount of self awareness.

So....Here are some thoughts.

First don't try to just use up free time. Find ways to invest it.

Investing your time

  • Teach you and your child a 2nd language

  • Take a correspondence or online course

  • Create yourself an online store for your arts

  • Do a budgeting class once a week for others

So these things all are challenging, take time, and also have a return on investment both immediate in giving you something to do and increase personal value. Not to mention they can have a positive impact on society when you are successful.

You feel better and you are better off when engaged in meaningful activities and not just trying to find ways to use up free time.

Notice that including some of this activities will also by default bring you in contact with other positive people with some similar interest or desire of self improvement.

As far as his high budget for expensive food on the road....That shouldn't happen so much. He should have a cooler that plugs into the cigarette lighter and buy healthy food from a grocery store instead of buy on the road at truck stops. Self you money and more nutritious.

Does this help?

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