Be Very Careful About Who You Go To Work For

by Shagg

Ask a lot of questions. If you don't get the correct answers, do not drive for them. Interview the company like your life depends on it, because it does!!!

Ask how why their turn over is so high.
Ask if there bonuses are real or just a carrot to get you in the drivers seat.

If they claim to be a regional co. Ask what they're main area is. For example, I work for a so called regional co. in the mid west, they claim you will run inside this circle, Memphis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee,Kansas City.

After two years of driving for them I have found that I'm Chicago dedicated. I have called them on this several times, by pointing out to them that I was hired as a regional driver not dedicated.

They lie and say that's where the freight is. If that is the case then they should tell you that when you are hired.

This co. has two different kinds of trucks, western stars with 8 speeds, under powered engines and coffin sleepers. Peterbilts with 10 speed, stand up sleepers. If they put you in a star they will lie and say they don't have any petes available, even 6, 8, 10, months later.

Then you meet drivers that just started and were given a Pete. Keep in mind your star was available to the new guy.

They will also make up things to put in your employe file, such as,"some one call us and said you did something" even though your logs proves you weren't in the area.

They do this to make it a lot harder for you to drive for an honest co.

Always talk to the drivers of a co. before you you ever talk to the used car sales person (recruiter) of the co.

Please make sure you take care of your self, because NO ONE ELSE WILL. Good luck out there, your gonna need all you can get.

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May 16, 2017
Will Celedon be another Arrow Trucking?
by: No name

Celedon is in financial struggle. Not only that it's said they have been cooking the books.

You are right, you need to be careful who you are working for but sometimes, it sneaks up on ya! lol.

I hope Celedon can get it's act together and turn around.

Jan 02, 2015
Ripoff Reports
by: Anonymous

I have been studying companies and sadly come to the conclusion that they are all bad. Some are worse than others. Put their name in Ripoff Reports search engine and see if they pop up. Most of the major ones are.

These reports are scary but insightful. Note the years of each report, how often and what the major problems are. Some companies are more honest than others.

Training schools are notorious and that is why you can not go on what your recruiter says.

Sep 11, 2013
by: TruckHelp

This was a great article, which while it pertains to truckers, can really be for anyone who wants to protect themselves.

It is a shame people cannot trust those in the trucking industry with as many cheats there are.

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