Be Careful With GPS Navigation Systems but Especially Truckers

by Hervy
(Omaha, Nebraska)

For new truck drivers this may come as a shock to you (or it may not) but anyway, you can't take your GPS 100 percent on face value for it's directions.

Although aGPS Navigation System is very useful and convenient tool to have when traveling or trucking, it is still only a machine and can be thrown off or give information that is not totally accurate for all drivers or all vehicles or all situations. (Although, they have improved greatly since I wrote this Jan 2011)

For truckers, this is a very important issue because you may end up on a road with low clearance or restricted by weight or between 2 pastures dead ending at a field of corn and a silo! Which is what one driver described to me.
In a big truck, you don't want to end up in these types of predicaments.

If you use a GPS designed for commercial big trucks you will avoid most problems but not all. The issues I mentioned were complaints of drivers with GPS for regular vehicles because they are cheaper.

When using a GPS whether trucking or traveling use common sense along with your GPS Navigation. If it is telling you to turn down a road that looks suspect, you need to make a judgment call on whether to pull over before turning and making a call to the place your trying to get to or check a map, or call the DOT to make sure it is ok to go down that road.

If you see that the road it is telling you turn down is between 2 pastures in the middle of no where unless your picking up cow pooh, feed or hay I would assume the GPS is off a little and the real road you need to turn on is probably down a little further or you passed it.

Just thought I would write this because you can walk into any TV room or get on the CB anywhere and ask drivers if they have ever been sent the wrong directions by the GPS and you will hear some funny stories.

That means it happens enough that you should be somewhat on guard.

Happy Trucking.

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Jul 14, 2013
Use common sense with your GPS
by: Anonymous

I live in a town near I-81. Twice in recent years truckers were stranded on a steep hill next to home in the middle of a residential neighborhood about 2 or 2 1/2 miles or better from the interstate on-ramp. A neighbor told me the second guy was led there by his GPS that evening. He told me something about a certain trucker brand being inaccurate.

After the first time they put up a sign saying "No Trucks". After the second, they put another "No Trucks" sign further down by the main street.

Keep an eye out for such signs. Plan ahead as much as possible. Make sure your GPS is up to date (my personal Garmin has free quarterly lifetime updates via my home computer). A good old-fashioned road atlas isn't a bad thing to have either.

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