BBC Worldwide and HBO Documentary about Couples

by Marshall James
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Hello members of the Truckers' Wives forum,

My name is Marshall James and I am a researching for a BBC Worldwide documentary about couples and relationships and in particular we are looking to hear from couples who can tell us what they think is the key to making a relationship work.

My father and uncle were both truckers and so I thought your forum, dedicated to creating a community for trucker wives would be a good place to find couples we could talk to. 

I felt it would be best come right here and post; we are just in a the research stage and trying to hear from as many people as we can. We are especially keen to talk to people from the Colorado, California, and greater New York area.

Please feel free to write me at or contact me by phone at 818-253-1602.

I look forward to hearing from you and to learning more about your interesting and diverse group.

Please know that at this research stage all communications will be confidential and do not require you or your members to take part in the documentary.

Kind regards,
Marshall James
BBC Worldwide Documentaries

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