Backing the truck!!!

So there I was at a shipper and I watched a Fed-Ex driver pull forward 3 maybe 4 times in order to get it straight to the dock.

I waited patiently then when it was my turn I backed my truck to the dock in one fluid motion. I would be willing to beat the Fed-Ex guy is making more than me ($0.26 per mile).

So my question is should I apply for a job at Fed-Ex??? lol

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Dec 26, 2016
get real - I bet it was the other way around
by: Anonymous

my bet is it was the other way around. you over the roads couldn't back a truck to save your life.

Aug 09, 2016
Getting .26 per mile
by: Hervy

You should be looking for another trucking job if you are an experienced driver man. That's pretty low. Good job on that backing.

In case someone else here need it, since you don't lol.
Backing up tips

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