Australian Crazies - Fireworks

by Annie
(Queensland Australia)

I have a true story to tell, of two Aussy Truckers revisiting thier childhood. It was the 1980's and my brother and his mate were doing long haul, each with a truck they felt was faster than the other. (Sound familiar? :)

Anyhow, not long into this familiar game they played, my brother began tossing out fire crackers every time his mate went to pull past him.

According to him, the tears were running down his face, as his mate gave him a mouthful over the radio about not playing fair. Alwàys one to do the right thing, lol, he arranged with his mate to pull up, divy the fireworks and see what a fair fight was like.

He was thinking it was sheer brilliance on his part. Laughing so hard he could hardly believe he was having so much fun. He passed his mate again, and having gaineď the box seat, he started hoiking (chucking/throwing) fire crackers back as fast as he could light them.

One of his tosses was similar to a boomerang for some reason, and unbeknownst to him was nearing its detonation point somewhere close to his right ear. Still laughing at the intermittent abuse he copped over the radio,he was completely startled out of his moment of glory as the penny bunger he'd accidentally tossed at himself went off.

Needless to say his ears were ringing for days, ànd his mate had a turn cŕying when he was told later why my brothers truck had appeared to wobble slightly on the road.

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