Austing Colorado Sage Tech graduate looking job - Curtis

by Curtis Randall Rice
(Austin Colorado USA)

I am a recent graduate of Sage Technical Services in Grand Junction Colorado I have a 97.5 GPA and an academic excellence award I am 59 years old in good health I have passed 4 DOT physicals.

I have 1 accident (at fault) and 1 ticket (following too close) I have no other background issues.

I am getting no positive response from any company. I have filled out and submitted over 150 applications.

I have a very strong work ethic and a high degree of responsibility and yet I cannot seem to find a company willing to give me a chance.

My goal remains to have a career in OYR trucking and I will not waiver from this,however I am finding the going tough.

I just need an opportunity to prove myself.

Thank you for providing this site. And thank you for any consideration you can provide in my search. 970-835-3201 or 970-618-1059 or

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