Atlanta Ga driver seeking recent trucking experience

by Clinton Nicholas
(Atlanta Georgia)

I live in the south Atlanta area and I have not driven since October 2002. Prior to that I drove over the road for 3 years. I left trucking to become a police officer and I am still currently employed at the same precinct I was hired in 2002.

I have a completely clean background and stable work history (no misd, no felonies, no traffic violations and no at-fault accidents)and my CDL -A is still valid.

I left trucking because my kids were young and now they are both grown.I have driven for friends during the past 10 years but that experience is not verifiable ( I Lost contact with them).

I have scared my family too many times while policing and now I'm ready to get back into a truck.

I would like to do regional runs if possible but I will take whatever I can get.

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