ATL OTR driver want to get back on the road

by gregory rowland
(atlanta ga)

My wife tried to stab me with a butcher knife and I called 911 ,she ran from the house when the cops showed up i told them what happened. They were more interested in my big screen TV than having the knife fingerprinted or if i was all right.

Any way they left and one hour later they come back after they found her. they arrested me.Go figure right. mind you she has no marks on her but i have marks all over me where she had beat on me the night before.

Anyway they put me in the car and the other two officers leave while the other one goes in the house with my wife for 48 minutes.

He has no paper work with him or anything, 48 minutes later he comes out and gets in the car smiling and whistling. we are going down the road and he is whispering on his cell phone.

When we get to the jail he tells me he is going to charge me with another charge of terrorist threats to him. they drop the charges on me from the da's office three months later but i had called my house the next day and there was another man in my house with her and she told me not to worry about it because i was going to prison for the rest of my life.

And i did threaten her, so they gave me time to serve in the jail. the officer however was fired because he could not justify for being in the house with my wife for all that time with out another officer present. We all know what was going on...... i want to get back on the road and get my life back together ...

I am an excellent driver and a good person. i hope someone will give me another chance in spite of my past.

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