At the end of Line !!!

by Sissy

I am going through hell right now, my son and i was friends with a truck driver, he has been to our house, we knew him about 8mths. It has been nothing more but friendship.

This man is in his own little dream world. I live with my Mom, she has bone cancer and is in hospice, this man is trying to hurt us whatever it takes. He called hospice and told them I was not taking care of my mom.

Needless to say they did not believe him. He sent my cell phone 50 texts in 1 hr, threatening me, i did get my cell changed and blocked him from my landline.

I also called police. This man is very unstable, the latest thing he did was did 2 Craigslist posting, saying in them I was looking for sex, any kind of sex. He opened a fake email account in my name. All the men who answered his post to the fake email, he then gave them my real name, address, and phone number, these freaks from Craigslist have been calling my house,now i am very scared,since these freaks know my address.

Police was called again on this man, I did called the company the man works for, i guess they do not care,he still works for them.

I am going to do whatever it takes to put him behind bars. Now i am scared to even go to the store at night. My life right now is hell.

This is so unfair to me and my family. This driver is what gives the good ones a bad name. I just wanted to say something about this.

Thank You

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