Army Veteran/Gulf War vet w/ 5 yrs o/o exp need 2nd chance

by George L Jenkins
(Thomson, GA )

After my military career of 10yrs and number of different jobs i found something i liked in Trucking so i went to school in 04 received my CDL start driving for a major company.

The first few years was great i love to drive and i feel i was good at what i do and received several safe driving awards.

My problems begin when i lost my mother in 07 violated a company policy. Attended the necessary program looking for another chance to get back on the road haven't been since 07 in 08 got in trouble for the first time and was placed under Ga first offenders Act.

I believe that my DAC might not be the best in the world but its been three years and been working for o/o part time.

If there are some companies with second option or who understand we all make mistakes and the negative dont define who i am there are a lot of positive to look at as well.

Just trying to get back in the saddle to take care of my new family i met a wonderful woman who is giving me another im looking for a company that will do the same thx

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