Arkansas driver experience in Hot Shot and Oilfiield not want to go over the road

by william spaul

I would like to get back into driving i have limited experience. I have had my cdl 4years come this October.

I had to get out of trucking almost a quick as i got in due to my little girl who is 4 now had some health problems when she was 2 month old.

At the time the doctors thought that she might need heart a heart operation to repair a hole in her heart, but thank the good Lord it closed up no operation needed.

By the time she was deemed safe by the doctors my new status expired. Companies wanted me to go back to school. I said to my self after 20 weeks and 8000.00 dollars, I don't thank so.

It was during this time i got a gig doing hot shot work delivering air conditioners and building supplies. That went on for the next two years the first owner died from cancer. In the fall of 09 the second owner went out of the long haul hot shot business.

He already had a driver for the local and i was no longer needed. I drove out in the oil fields but work was getting slow because gas prices where dropping.

I would like to drive for an owner who will understand it has been a while about a year year and a half since i been in a truck and willing to take me on. I will not go to New York City or California.

Been to NYC 5 time Cali once only time will go back is if i am on vacation.

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