App for female truckers to stay connected

by Yushu Huang
(New York)

I would like to introduce a free app that I genuinely feel would help female truckers in terms of building up a stronger, more close knit community while also ensuring real time communication while on the go. This was suggested to me by another trucker who is already using Roger and said that it keeps him going on his long trips :)

Roger is a walkie-talkie style app based in New York that has very good support for group conversations and works even without phone numbers (kind of like your CB radios but without the vulgarities and repetitive content !).

Roger supports podcast-like groups with people from around the world that discuss about topics from their favorite coffee all the way to about the latest news. If you want to, you can also create your own private group with other female truckers in your community so that you guys can stay connected on those long journeys :)

You can download Roger and give it a try if you're interested!

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