Anyone gets a cdl

by Devin Crawmer
(Newberry, FL, USA)

Cross Missouri state line I-70 WB with Illinois in my rear view. Pull me into the scale and get a green arrow for the scale lane. There's a truck already on the scale so I pull to the stop sign to wait my turn. DOT officer comes on the intercom for the driver to pull forward until directed to stop... Truck doesn't move. Officer, again repeats hiself... Truck doesn't move. Now I'm trying to hold in my laughter. More irritated this time the officer repeats himself a third time and I wasn't able to control my laughter. Finally, the truck starts easing forward, but when the officer tells the driver to stop he keeps rolling another few feet before stopping. By now the officer is yelling through the intercom and I'm about to die from laughing. The officer tells him to back up 5 feet and stop. Everything is repeated again for 2 times this round trying to get the driver to back up. Instead of backing up the driver activates his right signal 😂😂 After that the officer tells the driver to pull around back and bring in paper work... Twice before he pulled off the scale lol.

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