Angie R.

by Angie
(Hammond, WI)

Pete & Angie

Pete & Angie

Hi everyone! I'm a fiancé of a trucker & I really had no idea what I was getting into. I mean I dated a trucker 17 years ago but the sustinance of that relationship was abusive & at the total opposite end of this relationship!!

So i really had no idea of what im supposed to feel. I do know that this man is the man of my dreams, my soul mate. He makes me feel whole. I am 43 years old and he is 36. We talk/text every day so I never feel lonely in that aspect but when it comes to missing him, I'm a complete mess.

No one in my family understand this type of relationship or why I would want to be in it at all. Even from many hundreds of miles away he makes me feel happy, safe, protected & loved.

I just need friends that I can connect with that know what I'm going through & that can help me through the rough times.

There have been a number of nights where I can't sleep bcuz I miss him so much.

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Nov 10, 2018
Snapchat filter selfie NEW
by: Angie

Hi y'all.. I took a Snapchat selfie today with one of those ridiculous filters on them bcuz it's what my daughter & I do with each other when we're keeping in touch with each other.. anyway, I had sent it to my Love bcuz I had thought it was kind of cute & I had even included the picture of my daughter with the same filter!!!
The reaction I got was NOT THE REACTION I had anticipated, AT ALL!! I had expected something like, "cute babe!" But no!! What I got was so so much better!!! "You're too beautiful for stupid filters!!"
Just another wonderful reminder of why I fell in love with this amazing man!!!

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