Husband is just starting to drive

My husband has just finished school and is about to go over the road. I am so nervous about 100 different things. One of the biggest is our marriage. While he has been in school, I feel that we have already drifted apart because he goes to school and then the rest of the day he stays on the internet watching trucking videos or reading about trucking.

We can't just talk or spend time together. I fear that when he actually does leave it will only get worse. I fear that when he gets home he won't be happy to see me at all. We had a wonderful marriage before school started. We went out all the time. Movies to eat last minute weekend trips. But since school we do nothing.

We don't even talk. Unless it's about driving a truck. Please someone give me some advice that will ease my mind and make me feel better.
Nervous truckers wife

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