Alicia (leelee)

by Alicia "lee lee" Stoutenburg
(Provo, UT)

Haha =)

Haha =)

My name is Alicia, I am 25 years old, and I live in the beautiful mountains in Northern Utah. My husband is a Military Police Officer in the US Army, and is now on his way to become a professional OTR trucker.

I actually just dropped him off at a CR England school in Salt Lake City yesterday.... today was his first official day of school. I'm not going to lie - I am very bummed about our separation. We have been so very close since the minute we met.... we have worked together, and we are each other's best friend. So we are ALWAYS together.

The decision for him to become a truck driver was very sudden - and it came out of NO where. So I am still trying to cope with it, and deal with what is going to happen. It is like I went from having to wonder and worry if and when he was going to deploy again - to where he will be traveling and if he is going to face some crappy weather.... I just have to get use to it.

I would much, much, MUCH rather him be an OTR trucker, then being shot at in a war ANY DAY!

The one thing that I can say about my handsome soldier, is that he is very loyal and very in love with me.. so I never have to worry about him leaving me or cheating on me - and he doesn't have to worry about me either. We are very lucky in love and VERY blessed to have found each other.

Oh was this suppose to be about me? (HA!) Okay, well - there's just not too much to tell. My husband and I have lived in Provo now for almost 2 months.... so I am still trying to find a job (to keep myself active and from going crazy!) We have been trying for kids for 3 years - but, so far we have been unsuccessful. So, I stay at home with our two dogs, Jiggy and Jager.

Fun life, right?

It was until my husband left for trucking school... when he was home, I enjoyed cooking and cleaning and everything else a wife does. I have often been compared to a 1950's housewife - so, that was the only life I knew.

I enjoyed serving my husband hot meals, and clean and folded clothes, and his lunch and morning coffee. So now, I will have to find some healthy and helpful hobbies to keep my mind busy. I have recently started to walk at the park by my house, so that helps.

Other then that - I enjoy killing zombies on Call of Duty (lol) cleaning my house, decorating, photography, camping, traveling, etc.

Basically, I really miss my husband, soul mate, and best friend. I hope this website can help me connect with other OTR trucker's wives, and maybe meet a new friend or two =)

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May 07, 2012
I understand!! NEW
by: Kristin Henderson

Hey Alicia, my name is Kristin and I am 28 and in your shoes. I completely understand. It's weird how much we have in common actually. My husband and I have been married 8 years and had fertility problems as well. After 2 years we had our son who is now 6. We grew up together in the Baton Rouge area and now live in the Ozark mountains. We are best friends as well and our family picks on me and says I live like the little house on the prairie. I also found this site in hopes for support and a friend and when I read ur profile I found it strange how much we had In common and wanted to comment. Anyways, I hope u find some support. Feel free to email me if ya want. 😃

Oct 07, 2011
Welcome to the trucking life Alicia, got some ideas for you (part 1)
by: hervy

Hi Alicia

Welcome to and welcome to the trucking lifestyle as a trucker's wife.

You guys seems to have a nice strong solid foundation with the relationship so that is definitely a good thing!

You are very smart in jumping right in to how to best cope with the overall new lifestyle though.

Exercise is definitely good but I want to go a little further and make some other suggestions for time.

You seem to be well grounded with plenty of energy, freedom (no kids), and a nice, positive personality.

Also, you seem to have a very old school quality that I will bet a fraction of women want but don't have a clue what it even encompasses.

Sorry ladies, not talking about you. Talking about the other ones who are not reading this,lol)

Those old school values and traditions will make a man very happy and in return make the relationship great because the man will do anything to keep the wife happy also....

part 2 is on he next submission

Oct 07, 2011
Welcome to the trucking life Alicia, got some ideas for you (part 2)
by: hervy

Part 2

I think this is a dynamic that more and more people will come to understand and desire in the home.

(The dynamic? Trying to figure out what makes the other happy and doing that thing which actually leads to both being at the height of happiness and a solid relationship)

I will bet there is a market to share a course that you develop to train women "How Keep Your Man From Ever Cheating" or some variation, you get the idea.

This course would simply be you explaining how to make the house a home and your man think he is the king of a castle.

This is pretty much what you are doing whether you look at it that way or not. The result in the relationship is what you display......

"...he is very loyal and very in love with me.. so I never have to worry about him leaving me or cheating on me - and he doesn't have to worry about me either"

This is reality. It get's to the heart of how God intended man and woman to related with each other. That's why your relationship is so strong.

In today's culture too many people are influenced by housewives, and other popular shows of what a modern family are supposed to be instead of even just doing what feels right to them.

Too many are focused on measuring up with what popular women or men do or say. Entertainers and such are people that men and women and their children are influenced by and too often unknowingly so they do things that destroy instead of build relationships.

This is why you see so much cheating, and incompatible unions, unrealistic expectations, risky behavior, self center thought patterns and outside relationships, that blocks intimacy and limits sustainability from too many couples to soon.

Instead there is more pain, distrust, depression and suffering than ever from what is supposed be exactly what you have. A beautiful union made to last.

So....teach what you live (or used too) but with a Modern Course Title for what people desire in their life. You will change lives, save relationships, make happy homes and earn enough money doing it to bring your husband back to you off the road.

What do you think?

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