Advice for mulitple jobs in resume

by rich vanek

Fisrt like to say awesome website!

Maybe a section that helps drivers expain why they left a less than professional company.

It seems like the industry blames EVERYTHING on the driver!!!

Over the years I driven for some companies that required drivers to do things in a less than professional way or with sub standard equipment!

And if you don't your OTFD(out the F door). So the driver has to make a choice between doing something they shouldn't or employment.

I drove for Ruan, phoenix az.The dispatcher was a ,"alcoholic abused housewife who never drove a truck"
You can imagine some converstaions and dispatching that she did.

In the year and a half time I was there I saw 35 drivers come and go, that a lort of them were good drivers.

It seems that this type of thing is always blamed on the driver, and not on the terminal mgr/dispatch or broker.
(disappointed me so bad I left trucking for 5yrs)

Just a thought casue all the QOUTE UNQUOTE driver mags
act like this sort of thing doesn't happen!

Thanks for your time

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Mar 25, 2009
Too many trucking jobs in too little time
by: Hervy

Rich your right sometimes it's not the driver who is entirely at fault for ultimately leaving a trucking job.

More times than not though, it is the fault of the driver and the dispatcher for things to even get to that point.

Someone has to step the maturity game up, which is sometimes hard when dealing with a clown. (whether it is the driver or dispatcher)In order to make the relationship work.

Whenever you find out that your dispatcher or driver manager is not performing well or is having problems treating you like a human being have a meeting with that person to discuss your opinion.

If the person is willing to listen there is hope for change. Maybe that person is not aware of his or her lack of communication or people skills but is open to criticism and willing to improve.

If the person blows you off with little concern for your feedback it's very likely a red flag that the relationship will not get better.

At this point speak to someone over his or her head. Not trashing the dispatcher but simply stating why you would like a different dispatcher.

Like Jimmy said, having a lot of jobs is not good so you are not hurting them to leave. Try not to simply leave when things are going right. Try to get things resolved first. It will serve you better. (No matter who's fault it is)

As for getting another job, keep calling my friend. Ask for the opportunity to explain yourself.

Many may see what happened as a flag because it may indicate to them that you have a problem getting along with people. (until you have the opportunity to explain yourself)

That being the case you want to really ace the interview if you get one. Leave the interviewer no doubt that your attitude is up to par and not the reason for so many different jobs.

And if you look back and analyze that your attitude may have had something to do with why you had to keep changing trucking jobs, address what you need to address about you (even if it's responding a particular way to someone who treats you the wrong way) so that you are able to get along with those who seem to have their own issues if possible and build better relationships with people who are willing.

Hope that helped man,

Mar 16, 2009
Rich has ideas.
by: Jimmy

Hey Rich, welcome aboard. Leaving a job in any industry can be a catch 22. You worked there, weren't happy and bailed. You gave notice, but now have to explain to potential new employers why you quit. Since this is not a perfect world, we may regret decisions we make somewhere down the line.

Years ago, people held on to their jobs and made it a career with one company. Then retired and were happy. But,the company was good to their employees and had benefits and medical coverage. Slowly over the years, I've seen the work climate change. Now,it seems job hopping is acceptable, and layoffs are the norm. Just know that there is shuffling going on in the office as well.

You can see that job hopping does catch up to you eventually. But on the other side of the coin, would you like to explain why you quit a 25 year job to a potential employer? Jimmy

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