Advantage of Promoting SBI

You have an incredible advantage of promoting SBI over other programs as a new person to affiliate marketing and as my website visitor.  You know first hand that SBI does what it claims to do because of you got here at a quality website as a result of doing a search.  This website was built with SBI.

SBI delivers what businesses need and many individuals may not consider, but also need.  They provide step by step training through the entire process of building the website.

The results of that training was proven by you finding this website from doing a search.  If helps you build correctly.

Most people who use another web host or website builder and throw a website up will not see these results.  Most of the website designers don't even know proper SEO techniques or won't  take the time to implement them.  IF they get results it likely won't last and they charge much more than the cost of SBI.  A lot of SEO people try to trick the search engines which is not good for the website.  I didn't have to do that because of what SBI teaches.

So whether you use SBI or becoming an affiliate of SBI you know that it is a website builder/host/service whose value far exceeds it's cost.

This website has ranked on the first page of Google for the key words of trucking life every since the first year it was built in 2007.

So if you wanted to promote SBI as an affiliate to make money, you could use my success with SBI as your testimony.  Feel free.

In fact I will records a short video for you (if you are signed up to my Make Money List) as a testimonial about my success with SBI that you can use to promote your affiliate link.  Just email me to the email.

Remember many of the Small businesses in your area need a website and they really need one that works.  If they don't have time to build a website, because it is a timely process,they can also have it built by SBI staff as part of sitesell services.

How SBI Serves Needs of Businesses

  • They have step by step directions in text and video for DIY
  • They have SiteSell services which will build for you
  • They constantly add value to the website builder tool
  • They effectiveness will mean free traffic for the business which will likely more than pay for the cost of Solo Build It many times over.
  • They don't nickel and dime users for other services.
  • Everything comes with the packages, no upsells.
  • The training and resources given are priceless, sorry I just can't explain that effectively, it's something you will have to experience
  • The forums.  Anyone who owns Solo Build It would likely have a hard time saying expressing how impressive the attitude of the people here at the forums are.  That actually is what sold me in 2007.
  • Integrity of the company- This program is taught in colleges.  You know that colleges are going to thoroughly check out any type of training program especially with a business behind it.  There is a reason that this course is in some smart schools around the nation.  It provides value to the students who take it.  They leave the course with a business and extra source of income.

So if you want to sell it or use it.  I stand behind it because it works.

You can feel comfortable promoting it although you haven't used it, your advantages is that you know someone who chooses it every year as a host and website builder.  If someone buys it and follow the action guide (the steps they provide)  they will see the positive results like I did. 

So to become an affiliate of Solo Build It go here

If you want to use Solo Build It to build your own website go here

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