About to Start my Journey Trucking!

by Vanessa

Hello all, My name is Vanessa X and I'm in truck driving school right now. It's about two weeks into it and I've never driven a standard so I'm having a hard time clutching and whatnot, but I'm feeling quite confident that I'll make it through.

I'm so excited to get out on the open road and see so much, as well as use the alone time to write stories in my head and work on my stand up act.

My plan is to do open mic night in different cities (getting there for free, obviously!) in order to make my goal of being a comedian.

I think I'll have a lot of fun and meet a few new friends. I'm worried about harsh weather and having men treat me like a whore. You know how it is, if you ignore them, they will call you a bitch.

I don't get offended easily but I've dealt with complete strangers who have blatantly ask me to cheat on my boyfriend, so God knows vagina starved truckers will be even worse!

I guess I'm mostly afraid of being assaulted because I'm so small (5 foot, 100lbs). Gonna keep a pepper spray close! I hope to meet you ladies out on the road!

BTW, invest in a gym membership! I'm gonna work out in multiple cities and use their showers. I don't want to turn into a fat ass!

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Mar 18, 2017
Create a channel on YouTube
by: Hervy

Hello Vanessa. It's been a few years. Just wanted to check on you. How are things progressing? Are you trucking?

You are right the alone time will be good for focusing on your material. You might have found that your free time is not in abundance as much the first year. So that you are able to actually perform.

However, after that year, you can make the changes you need to so you have more free time.

I found that delivering furniture, while a lot of work, let me with free time in the evenings often. This is because I would be at my last delivery for the day at around 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7pm and on the weekends and could do nothing but wait for the next day to deliver.

These places sometimes were in cities sometimes not.

So driving for a company with multiple stops on each load might give your more frequent free time.

Meanwhile, you should create a YouTube Channel if you haven't already and also post videos on Facebook.

If you have a channel or page with performances, share them with us.

Feb 17, 2013
dont worry
by: katrina

Hun im 4'9 and Im a lady trucker. Most men respect me. They. Open doors...etc. as long as you dont put off as a whore then dont worry. Noones messed with me. And ive made sone great friends.

As far as the gym good luck. Ive lost weight but then im diabetic so if u watch your sugar and starches youll be fine. Im a tiny woman and dont plan in becomming a statistic.

Apr 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

R U for real. You honestly think you'll have time to do all that. Trucking will wear you down little girl.

Apr 20, 2012
getting to the gym
by: TruckerYitz

yeah get those sneakers cause you wont be able to get that truck anywhere near a gym, or other downtown areas. heck even bobtail are now restricted in many malls and intown.

so you either hike it into town or call a car service.

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