Abanonded load on dac

by Monica
(California )

so my husband starts working for jbs carriers, They told him that the truck he is getting is abandoned. He go's there and not only are the keys missing, when another person who works for jbs turns the truck on and it is below e.

We tried to make a copy of the key but are unable to the company that makes the keys is out of them. so we call his company.

They say that they will send someone out that night for gas but they key will have to be made tomorrow it was 5pm. Next day we have to back and they get us to another person who makes keys. We get the key made but the guy says it might not work, our luck wins and it doesnt. we them call the company back and they say they will have to get a key made from scratch.

So finally that night the guy makes the key it only starts the truck but doesnt lock the doors the best thing is the guy who abanonded the truck has his whole life in the truck blue ray player and cd player tv credit cards ext. then We try to start the truck it wont start.

We call his company back. They tell us they will have someone out tomorrow to jump the vehicle. My husband ask when this load suppose to be their they say asap no date given.

So finally it is Saturday, the guy comes to jump the truck it is the middle of the afternoon the truck starts. Finally callcom works we find out the truck has been abandoned for not a couple of weeks 3 months. My husband doesn't feel comfortable taking the truck because of whats in it.

He calls them and says he cant take this truck something is not right who just takes the keys. So they tell him that they are going to put he abandoned a load. but he was never able to accept thru call comp and the load was never attached to the truck.

They also knew it was due Saturday truck never ran till Saturday making him unable to get it their on time plus they knew the truck was in bad condition. they should have got someone else to take the load when we where trying to get the truck to run not our fault for their incompetence.

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