A warning About McLeod Express

by Billy

Friends don't let friends drive for Mcleod Express!

They are so incompetent when it comes to maintaining their equipment. The shop manager acts like its the drivers' fault when the truck or trailers need repairs! Forget about getting a PM!

They cut down the fuel stops to like 26 Pilots & Flying Js. WTH? Plus, they don't give you the Pilot points. Just another way for them to nickel & dime the driver!

They don't have an EZ Pass or PrePass. If you decide to get a cash advance to pay THEIR tolls, they keep $2.00 of it when they reimburse you. $2.00 adds up after week after week, month after month of getting money to pay tolls!

They don't give you the real delivery times, they schedule you in an hour early. It used to be two hours early. This cuts into the drivers' time and throws his whole day off sometimes.

They have got the poorest planning board I have come across! These people absolutely do not know what they are doing when it comes to legally planning routes!

Honestly, no driver should have to butt heads with his company day after day about his hours or his DOT break. But alas, run into any of their drivers and if they tell you the truth, it is exactly what they have to do in order to run legal.

We all know that most companies rip us off of our mileage pay ie. HHG. If you work for McLeod & calculate the miles, they take 2-5% extra off the top plus HHG. I know this because I have seen bills before with the real miles that they are getting paid!

They advertise three out of four weekend home, yeah right. Most weekends, you don't even get the 34 hour reset! In on Sat evening, leave on Sun evening!

This is just a warning for anyone considering driving for McLeod. Don't believe the recruitment hype!

Friends don't let friends drive for Mcleod Express!

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