A suggestion to recruite more women into trucking

by Deep Think
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Females Turning The Table

No I am not a lady trucker but I have a suggestion.

I have heard that one of the obstacles to recruiting women trucker is because women don't think they can handle the big rigs. Yet statistics say women drivers are actually more skillful and are in general out performing male truck drivers.

They get the cargoes delivered on time at a higher rate with less damage to the cargo and less traffic fines for traffic violations on route to destination,and fewer accidents all of which saves the trucking companies a lot of money and adds significantly to the bottom line thus female truckers represent a higher value to the company.

Therefor you can't blame the trucking companies for wanting to recruit primarily female truck drivers. Male drivers no doubt will charge its discrimination. But its not discrimination. Every employer has a right to recruit the best talent for the job.

If females exhibit greater skill during CDL training they should get hired.

Males have to learn its a different time today. there was a time when men could feel a male entitlement to trucking jobs but gone are those days when the old boys net work would prefer to hire males. Now males have to earn their employment and their in competition with female drivers who at the present time are out performing them on the road.

But although women are demonstrating that they are more than capable of handling the big rigs who knows about it other than truckers? So why not insist that every female driven cab should be pink. then as females begin crowding the nation's highways women seeing all these pink tractor trailers on the road will know without question Yes women can handle the big rigs!

Who knows if males don't catch up with the skill level of female truckers the majority of tractor trailers will be pink and then boys will be wondering if they can handle the big rigs?

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Jun 24, 2017
Adjust the agility!
by: Katharina Huntoon

There are some of us who have less strength that our younger counterparts. I have noticed that there are the same standards required for an older woman as for the 30 year old male.

That sets us at a huge disadvantage and is discriminatory. Why do I as a mature woman who desires no touch- drop and hook OTR have to show the same qualifications as someone who wishes to be a flatbed hauler?

Obviously there is a huge pay difference too, and rightfully so.

Jan 30, 2017
Data comparing male drivers to female drivers
by: DEEP Think

Will The Skirts Take Over?

The following data was obtained from a manager who kept records for a mining company comparing female to male truck drivers.As the data indicates female truck drivers represent a higher economic value to the trucking industry.

female truck drivers had Less tire damage (the most notable find)
Reduced fuel usage (most females tend to be gentler on the accelerator)
Less repair and maintenance
Performance levels were at a fairly consistent high level throughout a 12 hour shift for females but fluctuated up and down frequently for male drivers.

As male truckers exceed 8 hrs they tend to become less efficient whereas female drivers maintain their high level of performance throughout the 12 hrs. This is a consistent finding throughout the industry.

This data showing superior female performance is consistent with female performance in the work place in general as records are showing women out performing men in the work place in general.so it is not surprising that female superior performance would also be in the trucking industry.

This should be a warning to men that women are setting a higher standard throughout the work place that increases their value to employers and if men don't start waking up to the realization they are in competition with these more highly motivated skilled female workers men will soon be getting the majority of pink slips.

The jury is still out as to weather or not superior female performance is the result of females being made of finer stuff as that old mother goose nursery rhyme said "What are little boys made of? Snails and puppy dog tails and what are Little girls made of?sugar and spices and all things nieces" or are females more highly motivated? Lets hope its the latter.

One thing for sure men had better start waking up fast Because the industry doesn't really care. Business care about the bottom line and right now females are being recognized as the greater value.the future guys is in your hands.

Increase your skill level or most of those behind the wheel of big rigs hauling the nation's freight will be wearing skirts.

Jan 17, 2017
Pink Big Rigs
by: Hervy

I like it. It would make the Truck stops and highways more interesting for sure. Some trucking companies are definitely aggressively seeking women for trucking jobs.

Studies show that woman tend to be safer truckers as Deep think says. Here is more about women in trucking.
Women in trucking

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