A little steering over a long period is better then a lot all at once.

by Roger Cherton
(Bonita Springs, FL)

I learned from a great instructor. He was able to tune into a persons' personality very quickly and explain things in a way that each student understood the concept in their own way.

A concept that really helped me nail backing up was: "A little input (correction) over a long period was better then a lot all at once. (hard sharp turn).

The main reason is: at some point you are going to have to get the tractor straight and back in front of the trailer.

Usually, when you get off your line, you are going to adjust. If you adjust hard you are going to have to then compensate hard next. Your front tires get further and further from the straight back line and soon you can't recover. Instead of your front wheel's course being a straight line or an even curve resulting in a nice turn, your front wheel track looks like a wild snake.

When you can see the imaginary lines on the road that your tires should follow, you will see it and then be more likely to do it.

Soon, making hard steering wheel moments will feel like a danger sign.

After years of driving you maybe able to whip a hard turn into a loading dock but no one really wants to.

Less is move when backing.

If your not sure, Get out and LOOK! I usually get out and look to double check and most importantly to see those imaginary lines on the ground.

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