A few months experience - live in Stockbridge Ga area

by Shane Fleck
(Stockbridge, Ga, U.S.A.)

I am 36 years old. I just had my first child he turned 1 this past April. I went through a CDL school in Jan. of 2008. I then went OTR with Werner Enterprises in Feb of 2008.

My trainer made Employee of the month as he didn't have much to teach me much. We ran hard once he seen the first day that I knew what I was doing. While attending CDL School I had a 95.1 G.P.A.

A lil about my past. My Father was a truck driver. When I wasn't in school, I was in the truck with him. So you can almost say I grew up in a truck. My Dad showed me how to drive a truck before I knew how to drive a car.

Anyway back to the point. I went over the road with Werner. I was coming through Oklahoma and had an accident. There was two drivers in the right lane I was in the left. The driver up front made a left hand turn took away my lane.

I did my best to avoid an accident but, no luck. I was wrote a ticket for following too close. It was two older drivers against me I lost. I was broke after training and school I couldn't even fight the ticket. No one else would hire me so I gave up looking.

Went through a divorce shortly after. Aug. 13 2010 I got a dui in my personal car. For the past 6yrs I have struggled. Now that my son is born I have been trying to put my CDL to use so I could provide a better life for him.

I'm hitting all kinds of road blocks. I know I can do the job I have been out their not that long but, I know what the job requires what kind of dedication is needed. I know their is more I need to learn.

So far though. I have driven through Missouri in an Ice storm scared me to death but, I made it through safely I have driven through Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and NJ. In a snow storm again sweating bullets and again safely.

I hear drivers all the time (oh I wont drive in that kind of weather) the way I was shown a true driver can drive in all weather conditions. I think I have been put to the test lol.

Not confidant I could navigate NYC or cross the Rocky's my trainer didn't want to take me into those situations but, being from the southeast don't think that should be too big of a problem.

In 3 Months I logged 18,602 miles the two biggest runs I have made was Fontana CA. to Vineland NJ. twice in the 3 months I was driving. Werner put me on southeast and had me in the mid-west I should not have been in OK. at all lol.

If their is any advise anyone could give to help me or any company that could help me get back into a career I worked hard to start and spent all my cash to get into. Just to end up struggling and sweating how to make ends meet.

All I want is to afford a better life for my son and my family. I don't have the Money or time to go back through the whole process over again. I am currently not working I was working in a warehouse when I was offered a job driving. Background was good, my history came back good, drug test was good. gave up my other job to get back in a truck.

For the last two weeks I been looking for work on docks, in warehouses, cause the company that was going to hire me right after my drug test has put everything on hold due to some accidents.

I'm about to lose everything I worked for again. My stress levels are through the roof. I have been down too long I need to get back up.

Any Advise?

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