A Fail on This Post Trip Will Cost Me The Question is How Much

by The Crazy Trucker
(North Carolina)

Working on Trailer

Working on Trailer

I am scheduled to deliver this load at 0700 but because I didn't catch something on the post trip Friday I might not make it.

If I do make it I will likely not make it to pick up another load.

This will end up costing me not only for repairs but it might also keep me from getting another load today.

Luckily for me when I did the pre-trip I did catch this issue. But that wasn't the only issue I would have to deal with. The second issue actually caused the first.

After doing pre-trips and post trips over time and finding everything checking out, you might end up slacking.

Let this event be a reminder to be mindful of your attentiveness on the pre and post trip.

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