Job Sectors That Provides a Great Foundation For Creating Wealth

Basically, these are solid career paths. You can use material about either one as your subject for reading to exercise your mind. That will give you more insight to determine which one may be the most suitable for you to pursue as a career. Learning about them will enhance your position to create wealth because the nature of each will effect your life either sooner or later as a consumer or a entrepreneur. Information and knowledge is power.

Health Care - Nursing is a solid path for a career choice. Home health care is becoming more and more popular and spin offs of the traditional types of home health are becoming and more popular. There is incredible potential here as an entrepreneur.

Starting your own facility or your own home health care services is not far from a gold mind. It is an incredible direction for entrepreneurs who enjoy this field.
Remember this, we are entering an era where will have the largest number of elderly in the history of our country.
These people will need services that you could position yourself to provide. There will (no guess work, no speculation, WILL) be many high compensation opportunities in health care services. Its an incredible area to gain knowledge because if you decide that it's what you want to do. It's basically a no fail as long as you've learned what you needed to know to make it happen.

Transportation Industry - Learn about the jobs available in transportation. Some of these jobs will always be available, like truck driver but there are many jobs in transportation with different advantages and disadvantages. A successful broker for instance, can provide a great service for independent operators and create a very decent salary for him or herself.
(Even though you will hear a lot of them referred to by owner ops as crooks. Some brokers are truly crooks and others are greedy while most are providing a needed and useful service for which they deserve to get compensated.) Having knowledge of how the entire system works empowers you to make some very powerful, creative, decisions to fulfill demands that are currently undeserved. I went to a school in Atlanta for freight brokering called TTA. They teach many aspects of the trucking industry including starting your own trucking company which is only one of the ways to use trucking to create wealth

Financial Services - Obviously, learning about money can help you out as you start creating wealth from ideas. So again the reading and writing you do will serve more than one purpose. Read about money to empower yourself or to provide a foundation to counsel others. This too will be a steadily growing field for people who seriously want to help others. Dave Ramsey's site has a great site and reputable program about finances.

Also, you should see what classes are available about credit counseling, building credit, investing, at your local community college.

Credit crisis will arise as a result of all that is now going on. People are relying on credit right now to make to the end of the week and when the check runs out. One day that credit will run out. Companies will get smart and freeze credit to protect themselves. (I mean this won't be good for the people who are living off credit but it will happen) The problem is that people are using credit as we speak who have no idea of how they will make the money to make payment on the credit they are using. (Because cost of living is rising at a much greater rate than wages.) This will cause a crisis down the road beyond the mortgage problem.

People will need help trying to figure out what to do next. If you learn all you can about money now, not only will it help you in those times personally, but it could possibly you to help others. (Sounds like a possible business opportunity to help people).

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet - This will one day dominate over television advertising. If you choose a career in software engineering or network security or web development, and gain all the knowledge you can in the advertising and marketing on top of that you place yourself in a very valuable position to use not only your acquired skills but also your creativity to create a fortune. The internet is at the infancy of its potential.

Five years from now we will be doing things that right now we cant imagine. (In my opinion anyway.)

After doing the things mentioned above you should be in the position to move forward in creating wealth. In fact you may decide a path in which to take while in the process of doing things mentioned above. (which is partially the idea)

Your next step would be to began setting your money aside so that you could invest it in a way to compound interest.

No matter how much or how little money you make. Put something away, don't wait until a better time. Now is the best time. One of the key's to creating wealth is starting, NOW.

Save so that when you see that opportunity to make that killer investment you have the cash on hand to make the move. I ran across a good website about saving money its called . feed the pig.

Consult with your financial planner or use the information you learned to determine where to put it. They are the experts.

Note: I have absolutely no credentials for making predictions but . . .

P.S. Now is a perfect time to invest in the stock market and real estate.

(NOTE: Everything outside of these parenthesis was written in 2009. I was right then about the Market, but now I feel there is room for correction again. I wouldn't buy right now. today is Feb 17 2012)

Ask yourself this . . .

Do you think the market or real estate will be back at or exceed new highs in 20 years? (I say it will in 5. If your answer is not yes you must be crazy. ) Ok maybe not really crazy, but, unless there is a very serious series of unfortunate events, I don't see why our economy wouldn't rebound to new heights with a more solid foundation for a decent period of healthy growth.

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