8 yr cdl driver, 1.2 million clean mvr miles, seeks employment

by chuck

i was a union heavy equipment operator making 8 grand a month, i was placed into trucking in 02 on a dislocated worker program. iI drove my butt off for a lot of companies. when they dont pay me i dont stay, and every time i quit, i return equipment to there yard or drop yards and they always put abandoned on my record.

I would love to be an activist for the trucking industry to go after all these companies who like to destroy a drivers career, cause they are pissed their heavy runner quit.

i usually always drove 700 - 800 miles every day, i was always out 330 days or more a year, after making almost 100,000 a year in construction and losing everything i ever worked for while driving and not getting paid, and then they say your responsible for all the taxes on money you didn't make, anyway my dac is totally destroyed. clean mvr, no tickets or accidents.

Would love a respectable company who would like a very hard runner and dependable driver, i just want a chance to have my own truck paid for and the ability to write my own check on what i want to make. if you have a place for me, and the equipment is nice, and the pay is good, then please get a hold of me, otherwise my trucking career is over. williamschuck@ymail.com

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