8 years experience, clean driving record Spokane, Wa

by chuck
(spokane, wa)

well i was placed into trucking in 2002 by state of washington on a dislocated worker program, i was making 34 an hour operating excavators in seattle.

I started at 25 cents a mile, i have driven for a lot of companies and have safe driving awards, im at about 1.3 million miles, my dac is totally destroyed, my mvr is clean, i like to run hard, and if a company doesnt pay me i dont stay, everytime i quit a company, i turn their truck into their yard and they put abandoned on my record, or they say misappropriate of funds, cause i bought fuel and they have no work for me, so i went on to the next company(when i had my own truck), or they want me to drive thru a hurricane, which i wouldnt do.

I want a nice job, but i guess now it will take a second chance company, if you read this i need work now, my child support is about to suspend me, and i dont have the money to reup my license if they do, im ready, i am safe and fast.

I know the us very well and i dont get tickets, i know my way around, 509- 290-5784, 509-995-9567, if you want a good driver, and you pay well, and have nice equipment, call me please.

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