60 hours a week in hopper bottom hauling crops

by Mike

I work for a farmer as an employee in Northwest Missouri. We have 16 trucks all together.

If you're looking to get into it, go to all row crop fields during harvest and talk to who ever is there.

In Missouri you only need a chauffeurs license (class E) to drive a farm semi for the purposes of hauling crops.

Non-experienced drivers get $15 a hour (especially good if your hauling beans, as you may sit for up to 10 hours waiting to dump 1 load) and veteran drivers start around $20 a hour.

I generally haul 5-6 loads per day, 5 days er week. Farm trucks do run over gross by about 12,000 lbs.

Easy work, can't have a bad driving record, and I mean no violations at all, insurance is very strict as you dont have a CDL.

If your like me, and you do, then you're golden and very valuable to Farmers!

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