5 Trucking Tips for Beginner Truckers With Video

by The Crazy Trucker
(North Carolina)

5 Trucking Tips for New Drivers

5 Trucking Tips for New Drivers

  • 1. Get out of the truck every 3 hours. Prolonged sitting has been shown to have adverse effects on the body.

  • 2. Take your food with you on the road. Get a cool that you can plug into the cigarette lighter if you don't have a fridge in your truck.

    Take your health seriously - be proactive to stay healthy and improve your health. Truckers have the tendency to have more health issues than the national average.

  • 3. Take your family relationship serious. You have to be proactive and work on it. It won't strengthen by accident. Not only that but plan for your family with regards to college and life insurance to replace your income in the event of an accident.

  • 4. Make plans about your trucking career. After year 1 reevaluate your plans and make the necessary adjustments. It will help your spouse to know that there is a plan. Especially if he/she is not happy with the choice to be trucking. You don't have to be a trucker for life if you plan well.

  • 5. Save your money, improve your credit and when you are ready invest based on the long term plans that you have. Do NOT create extra expenses or buy new cars/electronics just because you have extra money.

    Invest that money first (real estate, truck, online business, etc) and then buy later with the profits from the investment.

  • If you plan on become a career driver, you might want to buy a truck. If you want to limit trucking to 5 years you might want to buy a use truck or invest in a side business at home or online so that you can transition out of truck.

    The first video is about having a well rounded mindset on your trucking journey. It says Owner Operators but the tips on trucking appliy to every trucker. The trucking tips in the video will help you achieve success as a trucker and in life.

    The trucking tips video highlights the important of reliability and how it serves you.

    Take appointment times seriously - Leave early enough to arrive about an hour early. This will help to protect you for traffic issues or other unforeseen events. The video below is a perfect example of how much this matters.

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