5. The bear on I-70 in colorado

by Kurt
(Arvada, CO, USA)

It was a sunny afternoon and me (Dirty White Boy) and my mom (Green Eyed Lady) were headed down the highway to The Children's Hospital in our silver dodge ram 1500 4x4 in CO and the bear was sittin' right in her blind spot.

The Bear pulled us over and asked mom for her license and registration (as always), then she noticed me jotting down in my log,so i had to give that up for a minute.

She came back and told the Green Eyed Lady that she had expired plates. And this whole time i was thinkin' "Ah dangit,you have GOT to be KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!" So when that Bear went back to her car, I flipped out the Realistic TRC-475 and i called breaker 19 for a Bear Report to see what was ahead.

'The Cocroche' came back and told me that a bear was S. bound I 70 so it was headed our way! i said 10-4 and 10-7 and put it away just in time to see another Bear pull up with the other one!
We got a $30 fine for the plates, and alot of lost time,we almost missed our appmnt time!

10-7 from The Dirty White Boy in Colorado

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