37 Recovering addict

by Tonia Street
(San Diego ca)

Hi My name is Tonia and I have 9 months clean and sober. I was arrested back in 2001 for possession of narcotics. Now I said in the beginning I am a recovering addict.

I have been around the program of AA/NA but not applying the principles of the program in my life so since 2001 I have used drugs again (2005, 2007 and 2009).

However due to me surrounding myself around other recovering addicts since that time who loped and cared and seen potential in me when I didn't take the time to see it within myself. So I turned back to those programs each time to regain the strength and things I needed to actually start recovering.

Im an proud to say I thank God for my experiences through those relapse cause it has shown me that I truly have a purpose here on earth and something to live for.

It is truly by the grace of God that has allowed me to return unharmed, not outta my mind or dead. I have seen since being around the program people die go to jail or simply lose their mind due to this disease of addiction.

So for my God I am truly grateful. ( I had to share it truly is a testimony).

Ok so back to why I would love to be apart of the trucking industry. My dad retired from driving trucks. My dad is my hero and use to take me on trucks as a little girl. So as long as i could remember I wanted to become a trucker just never had the courage to do so.

Since being in this program of recovery and knowing that God provides and makes a way outta no way even due to my felony I know if I do the foot work and leave the results to God I will prevail.

For those that wont I know that God will eventually open that door for me. It has been a dream of my and plan to pursue until that door opens. I have only one felony that is 9yrs old and I have done my time and have learned from it. I look forward to that day I can call my dad and tell him I accomplished what I set out to do even with my obstacle.

So if your reading this and believe in giving second chances. I pray that God puts on your heart that we all deserve a second chance at life. Thats truly what its all about.

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