36 years experience trucking

by Robbert McDonal
(Florence Al.)

36 year trucker, gone thru major changes in the last seven-years .3 aortic ephemeral surgeries.been cleared to work again, worked in reefer ,mining,const,dry vans,car hauling, towing, ie.

Last worked4/22/2013 dry van. went to work fora guy in plantation fl.that was doing something shady. Had to chase down my pay. Told broker i couldnt except his load due to i was headed out to return his truck to where i pick it up from,and i dont quit under loads.

There is more to this ,and i have all paperwork to back it all up. bottom line ,i was taken for $4500 after running 7500 miles all from july 5 -july 25,2019. cant get state ,feds to go after him. so that was my welcome back tour. ill need some refersher on new logs systems and rules,driving is great,no problems.

Looking for $1500 wk, i will work with you on this, also have a 7yr old boxer that will have to go with me.
roadjammers58@gmail.com aka Robb, thanks

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